Tribe Society


Tribe Society is a band of musicians who moved to New York to pursue their dreams. They started out this year and signed to record label Lokal Legend.  Since then, things have been moving at a rapid pace. Their mixtape was just released on Spotify and they plan on going on tour this summer. If you missed them at SXSW, don’t worry they are coming to a city near you.


B-sides : Welcome to SXSW, how has this year been completely to last year?

Tribe Society: This year has been cool, we flew over here and didn’t rent a car. It’s probably the smartest move we’ve made. Last year we rented a van and it took about 3 days to get here.  We’re only doing two shows this year,  you can get flooded with five or more shows really quickly and it can be really tiring. The vibes this year are also really different. People seem more energetic, hype and pretty crazy to be here.

B-sides : What was the influence behind your new release “Kings”?

Tribe Society : We’ve come up with a lot of music, that was just our first original. We’re still developing our sound, it’s rock with hip hop and a combination of stuff we listen to. That was the first song we came out with and we’re really proud of it. We have a mixtape coming out in March it’s called Delirium Sonata, it’s 30 minutes of continuous music.  We’ve done covers and originals, everything transitions into the next song. We’re pumped for it! We just started our band this year, we moved to New York and we’ve just been making music and nothing else. We’re just broke musicians pursuing  our dreams.

B-sides : What would you say your favorite type of music is?

Tribe Society : Anything from 91 to 97, whether it’s rock or house music. Any era with musicians who just have, it’s not a contest.

B-sides : What is one thing you plan on accomplishing this year?

Tribe Society : Well we want to put out our first full length album and that will be our biggest accomplishment. We’re also planning to go on tour this summer and we’re definitely coming back to Texas.

B-sides : Austin’s favorite logo is “Keep Austin Weird”. What do you consider weird about yourself?

Tribe Society : Hmm, aside from being in Austin? I don’t know, all the stuff people think is weird I think it’s normal.  I got a big beard and I haven’t gotten a haircut in two years is that weird? No I think its sweet.


Who am I to say what’s weird or who’s weird, they asked me the same question and all I could think about is my name rhyming, Alyssa Lesa but is that really weird? After interviewing Tribe Society, I realized it doesn’t take long to get discovered. I mean when you look at them they just started this year and they already have a mixtape out, they’re planning a summer tour and producing a full-length album by the end of this year. That’s pretty impressive for a band thats just starting out. If you haven’t already, after reading this article make sure you check them out on Spotify or YouTube.