Via Steve Aoki Instagram
Via Steve Aoki Instagram

Life is colorful in South Florida; at least for the duration of last Saturday it was. Committee Entertainment brought back to Miami whats now grown to be “Life in Color”. What was once a college frat party has grown into one the the biggest worldwide edm festival chains of the moment.

The “world’s largest paint party” has featured performances by some of the biggest names in electronic music for the last couple of years. It was ten years ago that four college roommates began throwing a themed house party that quickly grew in popularity. They eventually ran across another college paint themed party and together, ‘Dayglo’ began. The all white parties featured college students throwing paint at each other and local electronic artists. The first formal Dayglo took place at a Miami club venue where it grew to be an annual tradition.  As word got around, the group began expanding to other college campuses booking bigger names and adding more flare.

Ten year later, it has grown exponentially. After a quick name change, Dayglow gave birth to a massive touring machine; Life in Color. The tour has visited over 25 countries after joining SFX Entertainment bringing bigger and bolder set ups. Thousands of attendees now count down to the blasting of cannons with gallons of gooey paint waiting to pour over. The fun and interactive atmosphere has grown to the liking of college students and electronic music lovers worldwide giving way to multiple stages, bigger artist performances and more talent all around.

In light of their tenth year anniversary, the group came  back to its flagship in South Florida and litteraly threw one of the world’s largest paint parties. For an afternoon, the Sun Life Stadium grounds were transformed into a legitimate festival. With a main stage consisting of a three dimensional lion head that had graphics around its mane, artist including Big Sean and Ruby Rose sat inside the jaws of the eye wandering beast.

 Headliner JAck U excited everyone and Skrillex pushed through an action packed performance after having celebrated the night before at a surprise all dubstep performance at a pop up venue. Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 1.35.13 PM
Another large circus sized tent hosted Trap and Dubstep savvy Djs within a large climatic screen with large giant octopus tentacles coming out into the crowd. During Flosstradamus, fans were climbing up pillars to catch a perfect view of the massive mosh pits and tidal waves of people bouncing to the afternoon’s most eagered show.

There were also playground tents featuring deep house and crazy dubstep from local artists. They were located next to Miami native spirit group- SpiritILL. The group brought fires spinners, yoga and meditation groups around colorful rugs. The night finished with Aoki throwing multiple cakes to already colorful people followed by a very impressive and long show of fireworks. Nonetheless, Life in Color is here to stay. With great success in setting up such a big installment for the Miami festival, its only time before the set up goes on the road to a campus near you.