Lucy Dacus had high expectations to meet with her sophomore album, Historian, as the Virginia native burst onto the music scene with No Burden to much critical acclaim. Released on Matador Records in March 2018 to rave reviews, Dacus stated, ”This is the album I needed to make. Everything after this is a bonus.” Historian, is described as a concept album about cautious optimism in the face of adversity, with thematic links between songs that range from systemic racism and creative burnout to the death of her grandmother. “It starts out dark and ends hopeful, but it gets darker in between; it goes to the deepest, darkest, place and then breaks,” she explains. “What I’m trying to say throughout the album is that hope survives, even in the face of the worst stuff.” Dacus and her band recorded the album in Nashville last year, working with producer Collin Pastore, who also produced her debut.

B-Sides met up with Lucy Dacus during her recent San Francisco tour stop to talk about Historian, her new venture into home ownership and more. Check out the interview:

B-Sides On-Air: Interview - Lucy Dacus Talks 'Historian', High Expectations

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