VIDEO: INTERVIEW – Jauz Talks Electric Forest 2018, UK Electronic Music Scene

Electronic producer and DJ Jauz has been on a roll in 2018, with his most recent release garnering much attention, a collaboration with multiplatinum recording artist KIIARA on “Diamonds”. The track follows up the string of successful tracks including, “Gassed Up” (with DJ Snake), “Keep The Rave Alive” (with Lazer Lazer Lazer), “MotherF*ckers” (with Snails) and a remix of Calvin Harris and Dua Lipa’s “One Kiss.” Currently playing the festival circuit, Jauz will embark on a 55 date tour this fall with UK producers Holy Goof and Skepsis on the ‘Bite America Label Tour’, the latter on his own record label, Bite This.

B-Sides met up with Jauz prior to his performance Electric Forest to talk about the unique backdrop of the event, his current affinity for UK electronic music, his upcoming fall tour and more. Check out the interview:

B-Sides On-Air: Interview - Jauz Talks Electric Forest 2018, UK Music

B-Sides: How has your Electric Forest experience been?

Jauz: It’s been good. We were here last weekend for all three days, stayed in a tent on-site just like everyone else with no hotel, no power, no A/C, no nothing. It was a little rough, not gonna lie but this is my first time playing Forest and I wanted to come and experience the whole thing. We definitely got our fill last weekend, so this weekend we’re in the hotel, we’re chilling, a little bit more laid back. This festival is so dope, such a good time.

B-Sides: What do you notice about this festival that you haven’t seen at any others?

Jauz: There’s a lot. The venue first off, sets it apart. We’re in the middle of the forest, in the middle of nowhere basically. You just walk around and see the sights and all of the sudden there are stages in the middle of the woods, buildings and designs and everything is so meticulously built. It really feels like you’re on another planet, it’s really cool.

B-Sides: Can you tell me about your upcoming tour?

Jauz: I haven’t done a bus tour in a really long time and I haven’t ever done my own bus tour. It’s not a Jauz tour, it’s a Bite This label tour. It’s all about showcasing all the different music that we’re going to be putting out on the label. The one thing I really wanted to do was to help bring people from outside the stage that I really appreciate into the stage. That’s why the support on the tour is Holy Goof and Skepsis, both kids from the UK. In the UK, they smash it, they’re absolutely destroying it right now. But, not that many people really know who they are in the States yet. So, my goal is if people like my music, they’ll probably like their music and this is my chance to expose them to this whole new world. As a person that runs the label, that’s my job.

B-Sides: How do you find these new artists, what’s your process?

Jauz: That’s a good question. It’s just DJs trading records back and forth. I’ve always been so influenced by the UK. So I’m always trying to find new music from the UK, new kids from the UK, new ways to get myself involved in UK music. So, meeting Goof and Skepsis just came naturally and the music they make is kind of similar to what I do, just in a different way because they are from the UK. The way people make music in the UK is so different than the States. But there’s starting to be this bridge between the two worlds right now. For me, in the States, I try to bring the UK influence into stateside music and they bring an American flair to the UK. So, our goal is to bridge those two worlds and there’s a lot of potential there.

B-Sides: For someone that’s interested in getting into music and pursue this, sees all this as inspiration, what would your advice be for someone seeking that drive?

Jauz: If you want to do something bad enough, you’ll already have that drive. For me, it was like I knew from 15 years old that this is what I wanted to do. I didn’t need to find the drive, I didn’t need to find the passion or the energy – I had it because I was so determined to make it happen and it just came naturally. I think the biggest problem is that some people try to do things that they’re not meant to do. I think there’s a place for every person in life, they just have to find that place and they have to let it come naturally instead of trying to be like, “see that guy, he’s doing something cool, I can do that.” and then trying to force yourself. It’s like forcing a square into a circle, it’s never going to fit. You just have to go find your fit and do it.

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