ALBUM REVIEW: Two Door Cinema Club – “False Alarm”

Two Door Cinema Club has released their fourth studio album, False Alarm, on June 21, 2019. It is the first album from the Northern Irish indie-rock band since the release of their third album, Gameshow, three years ago. On February 11, the band released a teaser video on their social media accounts with the caption, “Album 4 – who’s ready?” and they soon released the album’s first single, “Talk”, on March 18 and their second single, “Satellite”, on April 24. Shortly after, the band released two extra singles before the album’s release, “Dirty Air” on May 21 and “Once” on June 19.

False Alarm is an album that shows Two Door Cinema Club’s growth over the years as the album include elements from different genres such as funk, disco, and dance-pop. A common theme on False Alarm is social media consumption in which people gain pleasure from the image they want to show off to the world rather than their true self they currently have, something that the band touched on in their last album, Gameshow in 2016. The album showcases the band’s experimentation with different musical styles without leaving their indie-rock roots. In the track “Already Gone”, the falsetto vocals connect with large guitar riffs and steady drum beats to produce a memorable tune, one of the standouts on the album. “Satisfaction Guaranteed” makes a perfect 80-style synth-pop anthem as it describes people’s lives on social media.

Another notable song from False Alarm is “So Many People” that has a funky, 70-style sound as it talks about being that unique person that has many qualitative traits that separate the person from the rest of the crowd. Overall, False Alarm is an album that shows Two Door Cinema Club stretching out and experimenting with new sounds but all the while, keeps to their signature upbeat tunes that should satiate fans welcoming them back after their hiatus.