German pop singer Kim Petras performed at Mezzanine in San Francisco, CA on July 31, 2019 and the sold out show was buzzing with fans who couldn’t wait to see Petras perform.  The atmosphere inside Mezzanine came to life when the fans screamed as Petras arrived on stage with her friend and producer-songwriter, Aaron Joseph.  Throughout the whole show, she wowed the crowd with her lively dance moves and intense vocals as she sang tracks from her debut album, Clarity that was released on June 28, 2019, and her third EP, Turn Off The Light, Vol. 1.  Wearing a white suit jacket as she performed “Got My Number”,  Petras strut around the stage and put on squared shades that was reminscent of Lady Gaga.

The “Feeling of Falling” star’s emphasis on self-confidence and self-love is much loved by her adoring fanbase.  Her music tells people that they should be proud of who they are and never feel ashamed about the things they do or say.  As she sang “Sweet Spot”, there were people dancing and hugging with each other while singing the lyrics from her songs.  With the feelings and emotions felt throughout the show by the audience, it’s easy to see that the future for Kim Petras is bright and will continue to grow.

Check out the photos from Kim Petras’ show at Mezzanine on 07/31: