With so much new music coming out every week, it can be hard to know what to listen to first. Every week, we highlight some of our favorite tracks to kick off your weekend. The best way to keep up with our selections is by following our ‘New Music On-Repeat’ playlist on Spotify. This week’s picks include tracks from Big Thief, Chloe Moriondo, St. Vincent, and more!

1. Chloe Moriondo – “I Eat Boys”
18-year-old singer-songwriter Chloe Moriondo began posting videos of her songs to YouTube channel in 2014, quickly amassing over 3 million subscribers. She self-released her first album ‘Rabbit Hearted’ in 2018 before signing with Fueled by Ramen. Currently, Moriondo is gearing up for the release of her first major-label album ‘Blood Bunny’, which is set for release May 7th
This new song “I Eat Boys” is based on the premise of the cult classic film “Jennifer’s Body”, in which a vampire Megan Fox ravages the teenage boys of a small town with her newfound bloodlust. The film was always campy but carried an absurdist feminist critique which resonated with millions of viewers, including Moriondo. Although “I Eat Boys” sounds like a dreamy bedroom pop ballad, the lyrics revel in the adrenaline-fueled revenge plot, in which Moriondo punishes men who perpetrate violence against women. The floaty, tender sound makes it feel youthful and ecstatic, while Moriondo’s lyricism walks us through this story beneath the sunny exterior of the song.

I Eat Boys - chloe moriondo (official music video)

2. St. Vincent – “The Melting of the Sun”
St. Vincent has been teasing her upcoming album ‘Daddy’s Home’ for some time, first advertising its release by setting up a series of posters in various cities earlier this year. This is the second single she’s released from the record and co-produced it with Jack Antonoff. “The Melting of the Sun” also features the vocals of Donny Hathaway’s daughter Kenya Hathaway and Lynne Fiddmont. From the singles we’ve heard so far, this album is gearing up to be a sonic experimentation for St. Vincent, as she tries on a vintage funk/soul sound. The organ, blues bassline, and gospel choir-like backing vocals from Hathaway and Fiddmont give this song a total retro feel that is juxtaposed with St. Vincent’s voltaic vocal effects.

St. Vincent - The Melting Of The Sun (Official Lyric Video)

3. POND – “Pink Lunettes”
Austrailian psych rock band POND, whose members are regularly performing alongside Kevin Parker at Tame Impala’s live shows, return with a new single “Pink Lunettes”. This track feels like it would fit right in with the Bladerunner soundtrack, with its driving bass synth and pushing vocal delivery. This track blends elements of techno and 80’s rock conventions to simultaneously craft a vintage and futuristic aesthetic.

POND - Pink Lunettes (Official Visualizer)

4. half•alive – “What’s Wrong?”
Long Beach natives half•alive have returned with a new single “What’s Wrong?”. The band wrote this track to describe what the political climate felt like during the pandemic, and the chaos that ensued in 2020. The best part of the song is the elated exclamation of “Yippee Ki Yay!” in the chorus, lending itself to a Bruce Willis writing credit. The instrumentation of the song features some interesting synths which add depth to the apparent melodicism and pop groove. As the band gears up for the release of their sophomore album, fans can rest assured that half•alive will continue to deliver the pop bangers they’ve come to love.

half·alive - What's Wrong (Official Video)

5. Jutes – “Delete My Number”
Canadian artist Jutes blends pop, punk, and rap to create songs that fit right into the current musical moment. “Delete My Number” is a straight edge break-up song in which Jutes sings about wanting to finally be done with a roller coaster relationship. The heavy trap beat is balanced by pop-y, reverb drenched ooos and ahhs sprinkled in throughout the choruses, with Jutes’ even delivery floating above everything else.

6. Revenge Wife – “Manifest”
Revenge Wife is the solo endeavor of HOLYCHILD frontwoman Elizabeth Nistico, with her debut solo album coming in 2021. Over the past couple years, self-help and spirituality advice has permeated social media. But instead of in-depth culturally nuanced takes, the wellness community has commodified Eastern traditions and religious customs to package them to influencers. Revenge Wife engages in the process of simply saying “FUCK THAT”, rejecting the capitalist discourse of wellness. Not only does this song offer a fresh take on the current cultural moment, but also features a fascinating take on a pop song, with Nistico opting to frame the song amidst absurdist, lo-fi 2000s synth pop instrumentals. It’s a great track that also has something to say, and we can’t wait to hear the completed project from Revenge Wife.

Revenge Wife - Manifest (Official Video)

7. Big Thief – “Off You”
Brooklyn four-piece Big Thief is best described as a family as opposed to a band. The band is shrouded in mysticism, from their exceptional songwriting to the mystical band dynamic, and is one of the most revered indie acts performing today. They just released a new single for 4AD’s ‘Bills & Aches & Blues’ collection which is out now. This collection features 4AD artists covering the music of their 4AD peers, this track being a cover of The Breeders’ original. Lenkers signature emotive voice, paired with the earnest harmonization from Buck Meek, and the cohesive trance the band steps into creates a magical take on the original song. We’re just hoping we get to hear more new material from the band soon to satisfy our undying craving for their music.

Big Thief - Off You (The Breeders)

8. Hayd – “Closure”
Michigan-born singer-songwriter Hayd has been teasing his new song “Closure” on TikTok, amassing over 10 million views on the song’s promo video before it was even released. Hayd’s songwriting practices vulnerability and a raw tender honesty that will endear even listeners with the toughest exteriors. His command of melody and ability to craft intimacy on a record really shines on “Closure”, in which Hayd muses on a breakup that ends painfully. Hayd’s songs already have millions of streams on Spotify, despite being a relatively new artist. It seems as though the more Hayd bares his soul, the more listeners flock to sit before him and connect with his genuine, touching songs.

Hayd - Closure (Official Lyric Video)

9. Morgxn – “PORCELAIN”
LA based alt-pop singer-songwriter morgxn just released the anthemic, invigorating single “PORCELAIN”. This song just feels epic, with the instrumentation shifting between grand echoing drums before pulling in closer as if you’re sitting right next to the intimate acoustic guitar. Morgxn rejects fragility in this track, wanting to feel the strength he’s seen in himself at other moments in his life. The song is optimistic, uplifting, and sonically opulent.

morgxn - PORCELAIN (official video)

10. FICKLE FRIENDS – “Not in the Mood”
English indie pop band FICKLE FRIENDS just shared an elated new track “Not in the Mood”. This indie pop track captures the refreshing spirit of the genre, while demonstrating the band’s ability to command catchiness and craft exceptional pop music. The song is euphoric, with a danceable guitar riff and Natassja Shiner’s effortlessly cool vocals. This song captures the spirit of self-acceptance sonically, as only the best music can do.

Fickle Friends - Not In The Mood (Official Audio)

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