LISTEN: New Music Roundup 5/28 – Top Ten Tracks

With so much new music coming out every week, it can be hard to know what to listen to first. Every week, we highlight some of our favorite tracks to kick off your weekend. The best way to keep up with our selections is by following our ‘New Music On-Repeat’ playlist on Spotify. This week’s picks include tracks from almost monday, Rexx Life Raj, DOPE LEMON, and more!

1. Griff – “One Foot in Front of the Other”
This is the title track of breakout UK artist Griff’s forthcoming debut mixtape (due June 18th). Earlier this month, she made her debut performance at the BRIT awards, performing her hit song “Black Hole” and winning the Rising Star award, which launched the careers of UK talents such as Adele, Jorja Smith, Sam Smith, and more. It’s clear that Griff’s sonic curiosity and keen ear are positioning her as the next pop star to emerge from across the pond. This new song is lyrically optimistic, as Griff promises herself that she will be alright if she keeps putting one foot in front of the other. The tight melody and exceptional production is reminiscent of the magic of Caroline Polachek. This track has definitely earned a spot in our favorite releases this week.

Griff - One Foot In Front Of The Other (Official Video)

2. DOPE LEMON – “Rose Pink Cadillac”
DOPE LEMON is the moniker of Australian indie-rocker Angus Stone. This is the first track from Stone since releasing ‘Kids Fallin’ In Love’ late last year, and we welcome the return of his smooth, sun-drenched sound. The laid-back retro feel of this track instantly brightens your mood. We’re hoping for a new DOPE LEMON album, but we’ll have to wait and see what else Stone will give us this year!

DOPE LEMON - Rose Pink Cadillac (Official Music Video)

3. Jonas Blue & LÉON – “Hear Me Say”
Multi-platinum producer and songwriter Jonas Blue has teamed up with rising Swedish singer LÉON to create this new hypnotic house track. Blue strikes a balance between opulence and simplicity in his production on this track that really compliments LÉON’s voice. This track is filled with a rushing energy that makes it perfect for the dance floor.

Jonas Blue, LÉON - Hear Me Say (Lyric Video)

4. Nessa Barrett – “I’m Dead” ft. jxdn
You’ve probably heard of Nessa Barrett and Jaden Hossler (aka jxdn) from their astonishing TikTok following of dedicated young fans. Just as many artists have turned to TikTok as a key platform for promoting their music, it seems an increasing number of TikTok stars are branching into music. The app itself has developed a symbiotic relationship with the industry, where musical memes feed off of the hits of today, and also create hits themselves. This song embodies a lot of the same angst of the pop-punk movement that many TikTokers have adopted, but is actually quite the atmospheric rock track. You can hear elements of bands like The Pixies within the production and vocal delivery, and Barrett’s vocals have a soft, whispered quality that provides some intrigue.

5. almost monday – “this is growing up”
Graduation season is upon us, with students around the world moving into the uncertainty of a new chapter. This new song from almost monday will definitely resonate with those young graduates, who are realizing what it means to change and evolve with each chapter of life. Unlike most classic growing up and moving on songs (think “Rivers and Roads” or “Good Riddance”), this song is jubilant, ecstatic even. almost monday offer us a different feeling from the nostalgia filled longing of those classic coming of age songs, trading that melancholy for the bubbly excitement of seeing a new life on the horizon.

this is growing up

6. DRAMA – “Don’t Hold Back”
DRAMA is the Chicago duo of producer Na’el Shehade and vocalist Via Rosa, whose songs seamlessly blend dance and R&B. Rosa’s smooth vocals feel remarkably grounded yet mysterious, with Shehade’s production complimenting that depth with an upbeat yet ambient tone.

DRAMA - Don't Hold Back (Official Video)

7. Russ – “Private” ft. Rexx Life Raj
Russ has been pumping out new tracks like crazy recently, delivering a new song every Friday since the beginning of this year. This is the second time he’s collaborated with Bay Area rapper Rexx Life Raj, following their 2019 release “On 10”. Each collaboration these two put out is incredibly fruitful, with a balance of Russ’ signature chill hip-hop production and Raj’s immaculate flows.

Russ - Private (Feat. Rexx Life Raj) (Official Audio)

8. Cola Boyy – “Don’t Forget Your Neighborhood” ft. The Avalanches
This is the second single from SoCal multi-instrumentalist Cola Boyy’s upcoming album, which will feature collaborations from artists such as The Avalanches, Andrew VanWyngarden from MGMT, and more. This track was produced by The Avalanches, but maintains Cola Boyy’s signature disco sound. It’s a refreshing, groovy track that makes for a great summer listen.

Cola Boyy - Don't Forget Your Neighborhood feat. The Avalanches (Official Video)

9. Mø – “Live to Survive”
Nordic pop artist Mø teamed up with UK producer SG Lewis to create this new buoyant track. It’s a song about making mistakes, falling down, but ultimately picking yourself back up in order to survive. Mø’s confident delivery really makes this track, and her interesting vocals add a layer of complexity and fascination. Her voice has the soft quirk of someone like Grimes but with the pop swagger of a Madonna. Definitely check out this track.

MØ - Live to Survive (Official Video)

10. Rikas – “Stereo”
Rikas is a band that is truly collaborative, with each member giving and taking the spotlight at the perfect moment. That dynamic cooperation makes their music all the more interesting to listen to, as each element of the song is given its proper attention. The background vocals will illuminate the retro guitar riffs just before the main vocal rides on a wave of pattering drums, and as you are led through the song you are forced to take in every bit of lush sound. This is Rikas’ first release of 2021, and it only makes us more excited to hear new material from them.

Rikas - Stereo (Official Video)