Fanclubwallet, also known as Hannah Judge is an Ottawa-based musician who is changing the indie pop scene. Judge has over 227,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and most popular music release is her EP, ‘Hurt is Boring.’

Throughout this EP, Judge’s lyrics were very impactful and deep while also channeling a calm, upbeat sound with various instrumentals correlating so well with her vocals. The drums, background vocals and acoustic guitar really stood out in the track, “Hurt is Boring.”

The musical transitions were impressive while also making it clear that Judge is telling a story through her lyrics, “So I lost my keys again/Would you leave me out a spare?/So I lost myself again.” Listeners can definitely get a sense that Judge is singing about facing struggles, while also suddenly transitioning to lyrics that say “Hurt is boring/So is happiness.” This part comes off as a sense of acceptance or also to a feeling of numbness from the hurt as a personal interpretation.

In addition, “Car Crash in G Major” has over 2.5 million plays on Spotify and it has such a unique vibe to the indie scene. Judge’s voice is very soothing, and calm within this track where the acoustic guitar introduction makes perfect sense in fitting in. This track definitely reminds me of “Show Me How” by Men I Trust within the indie pop genre and slight similarity with a calm, soothing vocal range both musicians have.

While fanclubwallet had prior single releases such as “Bike Song” and “Double Down” featuring Chemical Club, they definitely know how to mix it up with the music ranges and are definitely up and coming in the indie pop music scene.