VIDEO INTERVIEW: Irish Indie-Rock Band Rowan Talk New EP, Love For the Music of the 00s, Formation, and more!

Irish indie-rock band Rowan began when Fionn Hennessy-Hayes and guitarist Kevin Herron formed a covers band at the age of twelve years old. Each member of the band went on to play in various groups, and were successful as session musicians. But something was missing. Even though they were touring the world and playing sold out shows, the fans weren’t singing along to their music. Rowan was formed because of that shared creative drive.

When COVID-19 began ravaging the world last year, those touring gigs dried up, but with their newfound time came a new opportunity for self-reflection. It seemed like this momentary pause on everyone’s lives was the perfect opportunity to make their dreams of forming their own band become reality. Soon, they were releasing their debut EP ‘No One Is Safe Here’, filled with delicate, wistful songs that frontman Dylan Howe had written in his bedroom. The EP connected with fans around the world, and affirmed that the trio had made the right decision in embarking on their own musical journey.

Now, they’ve just released their sophomore EP ‘Everybody Talks’ via Beverly Martel. We’re so excited to have these guys on the show today to talk about the new EP, how they came together, and more!

Rowan Talks Early 00s Indie Rock Influences, Formation, New EP

Rowan // One Of These Days (Official Video)