PHOTO REVIEW: K.Flay – San Francisco, CA 03/12/2022

K.Flay returned to her former stomping grounds of San Francisco, CA on March 12th to a welcome befit for a returning triumphant warrior. Performing songs from her EP, ‘Inside Voices’ that was released in June 2021, K.Flay brought an immense energy to the stage that had fans jumping and singing along right from the start with “Four Letter Words”. As she performed “Giver”, K.Flay was feeding off the early energy, moving around both sides of the stage on elevated platforms. Songs like “Black Wave” and “Bad Vibes” had the crowd head-bobbing and singing along with attitude, as seen by the snarls when they sang along. At one point during the show, K.Flay spoke about finding real freedom and releasing the inner voices inside her head as she spoke about her inner voices like “the worried one, the wild one and the tender one” and how she’s accepting of all her personalities from “a maniac thrashing around on stage. A dork who loves broccoli and crossword puzzles. A sensitive queer person, and I’ve given up judging my own thoughts.” She led the crowd to scream and release before launching into “Zen”. Another highlight was when K.Flay and her band came back for the encore as a cover band “Beef Daddy” to perform “Song 2” by Blur, dressed up in various wigs. Ending with “High Enough”, K.Flay put on a fun show that was the right mix of nostalgia and current material.