LISTEN: New Music Roundup 8/26/2022

With so many new songs that are released each week, it can be difficult to know what to listen to. Each week, we share some of our favorite tracks with our readers. To stay up to date on our favorites, follow our Spotify playlist, “New Music On-Repeat!” This week’s picks include tracks from Tai Verdes, Zella Day, ROLE MODEL and more!

1.  The Beaches - "Orpheus"
The Beaches - Orpheus (Official Audio)

2. Isabel LaRosa – “Heartbeat”
Isabel LaRosa - HEARTBEAT (Lyric Video)

3. Zella Day – “Mushroom Punch”
Zella Day - Mushroom Punch (Official Music Video)

4. Blake Rose – “Magazine”
Blake Rose - Magazine (Official Visualizer)

5. EKKSTACY – “i want to die in your arms”
EKKSTACY - i want to die in your arms (Official Lyric Video)

6. ROLE MODEL – “cross your mind”
ROLE MODEL - cross your mind (Official Music Video)

7. Talii – “More Than Friends”

8. Djo – “Figure You Out”

Djo - Figure You Out (Official Audio)

9. Tai Verdes – “how deep?”
Tai Verdes - how deep? (Official Video)

10. Magdalena Bay – “All You Do”
Magdalena Bay - All You Do (Official Video)