LIVE REVIEW: Weyes Blood & Vagabon – Dallas, TX 04/01/2023

Each night of the In Holy Flux tour is a candlelit technicolor landscape with the angelic Weyes Blood (Natalie Mering) serenading her mesmerized crowds. The Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter brought her delicate indie hymns to The Studio at the Factory in Dallas, TX on Sat, Apr 1, 2023 to an adoring crowd spotlighting songs from And in the Darkness, Hearts Aglow (2022) along with Titanic Rising (2019) that had fans singing along during the entire set. Embracing the spellbound nostalgia of the 70s and 80s, Weyes Blood’s full-length white dress flowed with her as she spun around stage.

Throughout the psychedelic synths, fans were comforted by the singer-songwriter’s uncertainties about the future and romantic connections. Coupled with her humorous questions about astrology and AI to lighten the mood between tracks like ‘God Turn Me Into a Flower’ and ‘Grapevine’.



Following fan favorites ‘Andromeda’ and ‘Wild Time’, everything went dark except for a solely lit Mering draped in oceanic blue lighting. Her performance of ‘Movies’ accompanied by the track’s rippling synth transformed the venue into a cinematic experience. Mering ended the night ‘Hearts Aglow’ underneath the glow of purple and blue lights while prompting gasps as her dress lit up with a red heart.






Supporting act Vagabon immersed the audience with her dreamy vocals and intimate lyrics. Her first single since 2019, ‘Carpenter,’ and ‘Every Woman’ had the crowd swaying along to the synth strings, folk sounds, and Vagabon’s signature red guitar.  In between songs, Vagabon expressed her gratitude, announced her upcoming album, and glowed when showered in compliments. Through her charm and devotion to music, Vagabon stepped out of her shell into a new perspective on self growth.