Rocking straight out of Melbourne, Aussie garage rock band Total Control created a packed house, mosh pit infused show this past weekend at The Eagle Tavern in San Francisco. For those of you who missed the show, this might be the last time Total Control will be playing in a small and intimate environment. Bringing in such a large following, we can expect the band will perform at larger concert venues in the city with future American tours. Total Control came together in 2008, with its band members coming from a mix of other bands, such as lead singer Daniel Stewart from UV Race and Straightjacket Nation, guitarist Mikey Young from Eddy Current Suppression Ring, known photographer and bassist Zephyr Pavey, and drummer James Vinciguerra from the bands The Collapse and AIDS. They released their debut album Henge Beat back in 2011, and their most recent album 7″ released this past February.

In an inteview with Beat Magazine, Total Control talked about their upcoming American tour and touring with San Franciscan punk rockers Thee Oh Sees. They spoke about how much they have been enjoying their current long time needed American tour.  “It’s been going great, it’s just been such an easy tour, Thee Oh Sees have such a great following. They’re just the best people to be touring with – such experienced road warriors,” said Pavey. Pavey also expressed that Thee Oh Sees fan base might not always recognize who Total Control are, “…but I guess it’s a nice surprise for them.”

Not only did San Francisco fans receive a nice surprise, they were hypnotized by a psychadelic guitar heavy show from the Australian punk rockers. Total Control in turn, experienced some wild and crazy behavior from some of their fans. The most crazy being from a guy who was all wrapped up in sheer fabric and just wearing underwear, who then jumped on stage and stood behind Stewart while peering over the singer’s shoulder as he sang! But that didn’t phase the band at all, they continued all the way through their song set which included the  fan favorite known as “Carpet Rash.” Total Control finished their US tour at the Uptown Nightclub in Oakland, CA last night. Total Control’s Henge Beat and split EP with Thee Oh Sees is available for streaming on iTunes and Spotify.