I’ll be the first to admit that I love camping. Almost everyone can appreciate the smell of a campfire and the refreshing feeling of being under the stars and away from the city. But here’s the catch…I don’t love LOOKING like I’m camping. If you are soon to embark on an outdoor adventure, here are a few tips for looking like a natural.


GH Bass Clementine sandals are my all-time favorites

Embrace the flannel. It looks cute and appropriate, doesn’t show dirt, and can be worn alone or with other layers on chilly nights.

Speaking of layering… layer away! The more prints and colors you can fit into an outfit, the more it looks like you’ve walked out of a magazine.

If you’re dying to make a fashion statement and the camping vibe just doesn’t do it for you, bring a killer bathing suit. This way you can get your sequin on in a reasonable way.

Great socks are really an adorable addition to any cozy camping outfit. Look for fair isle prints, geometric patters, bright colors and good quality wool.

Go vintage shopping for some retro outer layers and great hiking boots. Bring a cute pair of leather sandals, too. They go with everything. My all-time favorites are by GH Bass.

If you’re going to be in a hotter location, girls can try packing a flowy skirt or dress for days spent lounging around camp, and guys can try to work in some graphic tees.

If you’re going to go through all the trouble of planning out these outfits, make sure to bring a larger sweater or fleece for wearing over your clothes at night when the fire is roaring. This will save you from reeking of smoke during the whole trip.


Brooklyn Decker and her sunnies are in the camping spirit

Bring your sunnies. They’re a fast way to look like Sophia Loren even if you feel like the Yeti.

Bandanas, scarves hats and headbands are your best friends. Also, pop a flower behind your ear for a natural addition to a more boring outfit.

Your old film camera is dying to go on this trip with you, and it looks super cool slung over your shoulder.

A vintage backpack is a great idea for keeping your essentials close-by just in case of a surprise rain shower, or if you stumble upon a swimming hole.

Go with canvas so that you can wash it later



Girls, even though you want to pack light, dry shampoo is a must. The invention of a shower in a can is recent, and I honestly don’t know how I lived without it before. My favorite brand for staying on a budget is Dove. Guys, don’t worry too much, you look great with messy hair.

Because running water may be a less available resource than usual, bring facial wipes with you. Any brand will do, but I like Olay. They work like individual facials, but I’ll admit, I’ve used them for other purposes whilst camping…

Paint your nails a darker color right before you leave, that way any dirt acquired while chopping wood or pitching camp isn’t as visible.

Now, you’re set! Just sit back, enjoy the fresh air and roast some marshmallows.