Is the “New” Paul McCartney New Enough?

maccacandlePaul McCartney. He is the Guinness World Record holder as the most successful musician and composer in pop music history. He is one of Britain’s wealthiest men. He is true pop music “royalty”. But does he still live up to his name today?

At age 71, Paul McCartney recently released his much anticipated latest album entitled “New”. While Paul McCartney is not “new” to the music business, touring, or releasing records this album brings a fresh, pumped up sound from this legend, while still remaining true to his roots.

After listening to this album, and repeating it several times, I found it to be quiet genius. This album has all of the components of attracting a wide audience, both young modern listeners, and his long time fans, without sounding like he’s trying too hard to stay relevant.

The songs on this album range from his usual soft pop/rock to more upbeat dance songs, along with some more emotional slower somber songs. The opening track ‘Save Us’ is one of those energetic modern punk songs, adding a fuzzed guitar sound to pump up the listeners. Something I think new listeners of his would enjoy. While  ‘Queenie Eye’ and ‘New’ seemed to be a nod to his old stuff, without sounding too repetitive.

One song that really caught my attention though was “Early Days”, an acoustic, almost raw sounding song that seems like it’s referring to his Beatles days. With lyrics that read, Now everybody seems to have their own opinion, Who did this and who did that, But as for me I don’t see how they can remember, When they weren’t where it was at. Words that would be emotional for anyone to sing, let alone write based on a true story.

Whether people like this album or not, I believe that they will continue to support and respect Paul McCartney regardless, as he is truly a living legend. Though he may not be in his prime, his music is something that continues to stay timeless if you like his genre. And don’t think Paul is settling down anytime soon. This man has music in his blood and he clearly doesn’t want to stop. His passion shines through in all of his work and I dare say that people, young and old, will continue to keep listening to him.