I.C.Y.D.K: Avicii

As I’m sure many of you already know, there is not one place you can go without hearing Avicii’s “Wake Me Up” on the radio! Anywhere from the office, to the mall, to even your local diner! It is a huge commercial hit, but it is not the only song to check out by this artist. In case you didn’t know, the Swedish DJ and producer actually released a whole album! True, is Avicii’s debut album, released in September of 2013 and features an eclectic collection of artists including Adam Lambert, Blondfire, and Sterling Fox! Listening past “Wake Me Up” you come across the song “Heart Upon My Sleeve,” an instrumental track that features Avicii’s mixing capabilities. The track is fast-paced and sounds like a song you would hear in a scene of a film where a character is running from the enemy! At first, the song begins with quiet acoustic guitar and then a house beat starts to build up in the background. The song pace continues to pick up as you hear loud violin combined with bass, then the song winds down again just to speed back up later! For those of you who are fans of Avicii and house/dance music, check out similar artists Icona Pop, Alesso, and Ivan Gough!

Check out the audio for “Heart Upon My Sleeve” ft. Dan Reynold of Imagine Dragons here! This latest remix will be added to Avicii’s third and final album Tim. In remembrance of Avicii Sept. 8, 1989- April 20, 2018.

Heart Upon My Sleeve - Avicii & Imagine Dragons (Unreleased Original Mix)