Originally from Stockholm, Sweden is the indie shoegazing band known as I Break Horses! The band is made up of a male and female duo known as Maria Linden and Fredrik Balck, I Break Horses was created in 2008. They have released a total of two full length albums, Hearts their debut album released in 2011, and their most recent album Chiroscuro, released this past January! Both albums released by Bella Union Records.The album features their hit track “Faith,” a very obscure techno dream pop song with a background of echos and robotic female vocals. The electronic beats and mash up of sounds although random, work great together! It is a weird song that makes the listener feel as if they are stuck in crazy dream or some kind of never ending nightmare. Fans of Ladytron and Coldcave should check out I Break Horses!

Check out the official music video for “Faith” here!