Fall Out Boy: Then and Now

Fall-Out-Boy-900-6001As many already know Fall Out Boy recently released their latest music video “Rat A Tat: Part 9 of 11 of The Young Blood Chronicles.” The band has come a long way and has changed dramatically since the days of their underdog look and lyrics, back when their musical career skyrocketed after releasing “Sugar We’re Goin Down.”

A music video that depicted lead singer Patrick Stump with long messy hair and side burns, in a T-shirt, jeans, and sneakers; performing with the band in a cabin in the woods. And the video features a story of a boy who is outcasted by society because he has a pair of antlers growing out of his head. Throughout the video we see him spending time with a hunter’s daughter, one that has a secret of his own. But today, it seems that the band’s music and music videos feature more activism, gore, a story series, and other celebrities. In “Rat A Tat: Part 9 of 11 of The Young Blood Chronicles” the band is featured with a crowd of people chanting for Courtney Love who is featured in the song and video, and what appears to be an end to music. Each band member is depicted in a well-dressed manner, including clean cut hairdos and leather jackets. The band’s new music videos feature tracks on the band’s latest album Save Rock and Roll.  Each video features the band in dangerous situations such as a zombie apocalypse in “Light Em Up” or turning Patrick Stump into a monster in “Rat A Tat: Part 9 of 11.” Overall the band’s look and music come off as more pretentious and trying to hard to please the young adult listener base. Their sound is more mainstream pop and it seems the band is doing more to fit in with everyone’s music taste rather than represent the underdogs they once were.

Fall Out Boy - Part 9 of 11 - Rat A Tat ft. Courtney Love