DREAMERS recently released a new “quarantine version” of their song “Heat Seeker” that features grandson, Robert Delong, Joywave’s Daniel Armbruster, UPSAHL and Bikini Trill’s Tony Stern. It’s the third iteration of the song that was originally released earlier this year, with the second version that only included grandson released in April. “I’ve always appreciated what grandson puts out into the world, his lyrics, his heavy truth-to-power rock and his messages to fans,” says DREAMERS lead-singer Nick Wold. “I was so glad when he wanted to be a part of this song. It’s a crazy world right now and a perfect time to send some philosophy out into the collective mind.” With the updated quarantine version, Wold stated, “Staying home doesn’t mean we can’t bring people together to make music. We reached out to a bunch of friends and amazing artists and everyone was excited about adding their own voice to this song. No egos, just incredible musicians being generous with their time to make something special.” The song itself is described as the “search for truth and meaning while navigating a cosmic gauntlet filled with false idols, relentless consumerism and shady politicians.”

Nick Wold of DREAMERS spoke with B-Sides host, Pete Mar about his experience during quarantine, attending the recent protests in Los Angeles, plans for new music and more. Check out the interview: