Non-EDM Party Music Playlist For Your Weekend

Concert AudienceEDM has grown from an underground, niche portion of the alternative music genre to the dominating choice of format for top-40 mainstream radio. Popular artists from all genres are collaborating with EDM artists ranging from Calvin Harris teaming up with Florence Welch and Rihanna to Hayley Williams and Zedd, and more recently, Coldplay working with Avicii. As fun as these songs are and as much as we’re fans of EDM, we’re changing things up with this post and just in time for the weekend we have some awesome non-EDM songs that are just as strong to get the party going. This post is an EDM free zone.

12.) My First Wedding – The Wombats

Start your weekend off right with this 2007 brit pop single released on the band’s first album, The Wombats Proudly Present: a Guide to Love, Loss & Depression. Not only is it danceable, it tells the story of a delightfully bad break-up. Laugh at pain, and have a fun with this one.

the wombats my first wedding

11.) Shut Up and Let Me Go – The Ting Tings

The Ting Tings became a go-to band for songs you can’t get out of your head with their 2008 release of We Started Nothing. While “That’s Not My name” is just as entertaining, we think this one is better for booty shaking.  Who can resist this fun modern classic?

The Ting Tings - Shut Up and Let Me Go

10.) Cloud Shadow On The Mountain – Wolf Parade

While it has a darker feel than some of the other songs on this play list, track no. 1 from 2010’s Expo 86 is till pretty groovy. The energetic, trippy vibe of this one is perfect for those out-of-control Saturday nights that only end when the sun comes up.

Wolf Parade - Cloud Shadow on the Mountain

9.) Cousins – Vampire Weekend

Who says rich boys from New England can’t have a good time? Contra‘s seventh track is the definition of non-edm party music. The sound is a fusion that falls somewhere between 80’s rock and south of the boarder fun. Get the mariachi party started!

Vampire Weekend - Cousins (Official Music Video)

8.) Karaoke Burial – That Handsome Devil

If your party is taking a weird turn That Handsome Devil will always have you covered. “Karaoke Burial” was an iTunes bonus track for the band’s 2008 A City Dressed in Dynamite and is as funky as it is strange. That being said, it’s still sure to get you to shake what your mama gave you.

That Handsome Devil - Karaoke Burial

7.) Bonfire – Childish Gambino

Between being a stand-up comic, writing for 30 Rock and acting on Community Donald Glover somehow finds time to rap under the name Childish Gambino. “Bonfire” opened his first studio album Camp in spectacular fashion. While you’re sweating it out on the dance floor, keep your ears open for his famous puns and pop-culture references. Check out the underground hit!

Childish Gambino - Bonfire (Official Music Video)

6.) Good Ass Intro – Chance The Rapper

While Acid Rap is technically a mixtape, it sounds like one of the best studio albums of last year. The intro is indeed “good ass” with its infectious rhythm. It builds from an apparently gospel vibe into a drug-fueled fiesta without losing any charm along the way.

Chance The Rapper - Good Ass Intro (feat. BJ The Chicago Kid, Lili K., Kiara Lanier)

5.) Highball Stepper – Jack White

Before the first single and title track of White’s upcoming Lazaretto broke the guinness record for fastest record ever produced, Highball Stepper was released as a teaser. Even if you can’t sing along with this one, you can still dance. The instrumental track is great for those times  when you want to have a conversation with your dance partner without any distracting lyrics.

Jack White - "High Ball Stepper" (Lazaretto Album Track)

4.) The Wire – Haim

Haim is fast becoming a sensation. Since the 2013 release of Days are Gone the all female band has been seen on SNL, Jimmy Kimmel, and Letterman. Sparse, yet exciting “The Wire” is the perfect way to keep things interesting during your girl’s night out.  Take a gander at this raw beauty.

3.) Whoa – Earl Sweatshirt

If the party is in a brief lull, take the hint and put on this slow jam from Sweatshirt’s 2013 Doris. If everyone needs a break, they’re welcome to slow dance to this too cool for school hip-hop jam.

Earl Sweatshirt - WHOA

2.) R U Mine? – Arctic Monkeys

Track 2 of the Monkeys’ AM is a bit more high energy than the record’s first single “Do I Wanna Know?” This one works just as well for a dance floor as it does for a moshpit. No matter where you are, you know things are about to pop off when Alex Turner’s fast-paced vocals join the band’s bullish hard rock. Bob your head or shake your tail feather to the track!

Arctic Monkeys - R U Mine? (Official Video)

1.) Yeah Yeah – Willy Moon

You may have heard this one in the background of a commercial and overlooked it. But, believe us when we tell you it’s worth a second listen. Moon is a legitimately cool dude, and “Yeah Yeah” is an instant party classic. Your evening is guaranteed to be awesome when this song is thrown into the mix.

Willy Moon - Yeah Yeah